Event No: 98036
Event Ref No.: FSCL/2018/446
Event Description: Development of Badkhal Road (Badkhal Mor, Km 0/000 To By Pass Road, Km 1/670) From Two Lane to Four Lane divided with paved shoulder Smart Road along with underground utilities in Faridabad City including with Defect Liability Period of Two Years and Operation & Maintenance of 5 Years.
Department/Division: MCF Div III & Purchase
Discipline Works
Bank Guarantee: 17191000
Event Estimated Cost: 343820000
Event Items:
  1. 1. Technical Envelop
EMD Mode: Event Wise
Published By: Ramesh Bansal
Event Notice:

Tender Notice

Notice Document: 1536327333TenderNoticeBadkhalRaod.pdf
Tender Document / DNIT 1. 1536325881_98036_29731Utilities.pdf
2. 1536325871_98036_29731PlanProfileSignagePlan.pdf
3. 1536325860_98036_29731Intersections.pdf
4. 1536325852_98036_29731CrossSections.pdf
5. 1536325833_98036_29731MD2132.pdf
6. 1536325819_98036_29731MD11A20.pdf
7. 1536325808_98036_29731MD0110.pdf
8. 1536325653_98036_29731RFPSmartRoad4LaneFinal2.pdf
Event Start Date: 07-09-2018 19:15:00
Event End Date: 16-11-2018 17:30:00
Pre-Bid Meeting Start Date:
Corrigendums/Addendums Corrigendum3.pdf
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